Press Release: Acquires SmartDeploy

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH –, a leading provider of IT asset management software, announced today its acquisition of SmartDeploy, an industry leader in remote computer management. The acquisition of Seattle-based SmartDeploy comes just months after acquired SimpleMDM, further enhancing PDQ’s value proposition to the broader IT community by making device management easier from

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SmartDeploy Simplifies Image Deployment for Cal Poly

In a crowded world of image deployment software available for IT professionals, we’re mindful that SmartDeploy is just one of many options from which to choose. The feedback that we’re constantly hearing from customers about what truly sets our product apart from the competition’s is our pre-built driver packages (Platform Packs) which allow our approach

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Texas A&M AgriLife Reduces IT Expenses by 16%

When evaluating computer imaging software, it can be tempting to go with the option that requires the lowest upfront cost, especially when “free” options exist. We at SmartDeploy know how conscious IT departments need to be of their budgets and we’ve learned a lot from companies who have had painful experiences by going with free

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