Why SmartDeploy is the best SCCM alternative

Utah Valley University IT Director, Kim Leseberg, knows firsthand the value of time-savings and how impactful it can be to the overall IT budget. So when her team needed hours for training and ramp up with Microsoft SCCM, she knew there had to be an easier way. And the search for an SCCM alternative was on.

When it’s time to search for an SCCM alternative

With just four people on the desktop support team to maintain and manage the school’s computers, efficiency is beneficial, but reliability is essential. While UVU’s unique environment complicates matters, Windows OS version updates, new hardware, and changes to the way students utilize technology over the years also increase the complexity of managing their labs.

The team liked that SCCM could do many things and wanted to find an imaging tool that had similar functionality as SCCM but didn’t require the IT resources. Also with SCCM, multicast image deployments took hours and corrupt applications were the cause of many headaches. So, reliability would be key in saving overall time spent troubleshooting.

When they tested SmartDeploy in 2017, it just worked. SmartDeploy’s wizard-driven interface and prebuilt driver packages, called Platform Packs, assisted UVU in completing their Windows 10 migration with a simple and efficient process. And unlike SCCM, each team member was able to learn how to use SmartDeploy within an afternoon.

Why UVU trusts SmartDeploy

UVU now trusts SmartDeploy as the top SCCM alternative, allowing them to reimage hundreds of computers quickly and seamlessly so they can focus on more strategic campus IT projects. Reimaging a lab of 56 computers took 4 to 5 hours with SCCM. With SmartDeploy, it takes about an hour. When they needed multiple images to deploy to dissimilar hardware in the past, they only needed to maintain one, single image – thanks to single image management and SmartDeploy’s library of over 2,000 downloadable Platform Packs. To date, UVU has downloaded over 100 model-specific Platform Packs that they’d otherwise be responsible for finding, downloading and maintaining themselves with any other imaging solution.

Key differences to consider between SmartDeploy and SCCM

While searching for SCCM alternatives, you’ll find that SmartDeploy has similar functionality but with some key differences to consider:
1. Planning and setup time
2. Ongoing updates
3. Ramp up time
4. Skill level required
5. Ongoing training
6. Cloud management
7. Network connection
8. Purchase

Read the full story here or view a side-by-side comparison between SmartDeploy and SCCM imaging.

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