SmartDeploy Simplifies Image Deployment for Cal Poly

In a crowded world of image deployment software available for IT professionals, we’re mindful that SmartDeploy is just one of many options from which to choose. The feedback that we’re constantly hearing from customers about what truly sets our product apart from the competition’s is our pre-built driver packages (Platform Packs) which allow our approach to be completely hardware independent.

With SmartDeploy, images are created in a virtual environment rather than physical, meaning no extra hardware is required to keep around for reference devices and no hardware device drivers are included in the master image. Additionally, SmartDeploy deploys computer images – containing an operating system, applications, and settings – separately from drivers through its layered architecture and use of downloadable Platform Packs. Our pre-built Platform Packs contain all the drivers needed for specific OEM computer models and are injected automatically at deployment time.

We know driver management can be a huge hassle for IT when they manage a mixed bag of hardware makes and models and that’s why we’ve approached drivers differently than any other image deployment software out there.

We recently sat down with Larry Coolidge, a support engineer at California Polytechnic State University, to learn about how things have changed since moving to SmartDeploy from Symantec Ghost. He manages the mechanical engineering department consisting of over 300 computers with varying hardware throughout its labs. These devices are refreshed annually with a new install of Windows. To complete the job, Cal Poly’s IT team had initially been using Symantec Ghost, but it still required them to create separate images for each piece of hardware to assure it received the correct drivers – no small task for the largest department in the university.

After they switched to SmartDeploy and began using a single golden image created in on virtual machine, the team no longer needed to purchase additional computers just to create and maintain images, leading to a savings of up to $5,000 for each OEM model in their labs. Furthermore, all the hours and bandwidth that had previously been required to create and maintain multiple images were streamlined with SmartDeploy’s Platform Packs. Now when a computer is refreshed, it can receive the same golden image as any other model in the deployment, but will only receive the unique drivers it needs.

Read Larry’s full story and learn more about how SmartDeploy’s Platform Packs solved driver management problems and saved time and money for California Polytechnic State University!

Download PDF: California Polytechnic State University Simplifies Image Deployment Using SmartDeploy