How IT onboards and offboards employees

My employee onboarding experience at my current job started with cookies — no, not the digital kind but actual, baked versions that were sweet, moist, and utterly delicious. This was followed by a more mundane and relatively fuss-free process of setting up assigned equipment, accounts, and login details. And while I do have many fond

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How to create a BYOD policy

In an organization, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the practice of allowing employees to use their personal computers, smartphones, or other devices for work. And the BYOD market is growing fast. By 2026, the global BYOD and enterprise mobility market is projected to reach a colossal $157.3 billion.   For some employees, being able

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Password vs. passphrase: What’s best?

Technology and data serve as both fuel and currency for the world we live in today. This also makes them highly coveted resources that are often used by hackers to undermine business, institutions, and even entire countries.   Since the start of the global pandemic, many organizations have moved to remote or hybrid work environments, increasing

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