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You manage one golden image, we’ll handle drivers for you automatically


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Our imaging architecture and pre-built device driver packages give you the freedom to manage one golden image for your entire organization. Download the Platform Packs you want from the SmartDeploy IT Admin console and they will automatically appear in your library.


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Don’t see the Platform Pack you need? Create your own with this step-by-step video. Or, learn more about how to request a Platform Pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Platform Packs?

Platform Packs are model-specific driver packs created by SmartDeploy technicians for SmartDeploy customers. They contain all of the necessary drivers and software to successfully deploy target computers by using SmartDeploy.

Why do customers love Platform Packs?

Unlike other deployment tools that require drivers to be stored and managed within the image, SmartDeploy uses Platform Packs that are logically separate. This allows for independent management and optimization of images and drivers, to maximize deployment flexibility and eliminate driver pain commonly associated with imaging. With Platform Packs, and SmartDeploy’s hardware independent images, you can apply even a single image successfully to any device.

Who can download Platform Packs?

Full access to the Platform Pack library is included with your annual SmartDeploy support contract. Trial users also have access to download up to 5 Platform Packs during their 15-day evaluation period.

I don’t see the Platform Pack I need. Can I request a new or updated Platform Pack?

Yes! Any customers with active support can request the creation of new or updated Platform Packs. Updates are included at no charge and creation fees for new computer models will vary based on make/model and support level. See fee details here. If there are no applicable creation fees, the request will count as a support ticket. The turnaround time is typically 5-10 business days after a request is submitted and any applicable fees are collected.

Can I create my own Platform Packs?

Yes! You can create and modify your own Platform Packs using our how-to video.

What drivers are included in the Platform Packs? Can I make customizations?

Deployed devices receive all the drivers that they need. You do not need to spend any extra time finding the perfect audio, chipset, video, (and the list goes on…) as part of your deployment practice. You can customize the driver packages with full support for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filtering and the ability to run tasks at multiple phases of deployment, such as updating the BIOS. You can even create a single package that contains driver support for all devices in your environment – desktop or server, virtual or physical.

How often are Platform Packs updated?

Platform Packs are updated routinely by SmartDeploy technicians. Updates occur frequently, as needed, during the first 6 months that a model is released from the manufacturer. After 6 months, the manufacturer typically updates drivers less frequently and thus Platform Pack updates occur less frequently. For your reference, every Platform Pack contains revision history information. Customers with support can and should request Platform Pack updates to ensure the latest drivers are included for the models they want to deploy.

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