A New Take on Endpoint Management

Centralized management for IT, maximum productivity for end users

Modern Image Management

Manage thousands of diverse endpoints from a single library

Computer Imaging

Centralized, single image management using layered architecture

One golden image

Achieve true hardware independence, streamline your image library and save hours by only having to create and maintain a single Windows golden image that can be deployed to any PC in your organization, regardless of manufacturer or model. And for remote machines, we can image those too.

Easy updates

SmartDeploy’s unique layering technology of maintaining separate driver, OS, application, and user data layers enables true single image management. SmartDeploy’s ability to reimage the OS layer without worrying about the underlying drivers, and to manage the OS layer separately from the application layer, is faster and simpler than managing thousands of Windows images independently. Centralized, single image management is a modern architecture for all imaging requirements ranging from patch management to complete endpoint management.

Refresh labs often

These separate layers are particularly helpful to the 600+ education customers that need to reimage often. For more information on how educational institutions of all sizes leverage SmartDeploy, please visit smartdeploy.com/campus.

Application Deployment

Deploy, update, and patch applications through an application layer

Ultimate application deployment flexibility

Different parts of your organization may require a unique combination of applications based on the department or an employee’s role. SmartDeploy’s endpoint management capabilities provide the ability to include applications common to the entire organization by installing them on the golden reference VM prior to capture, and applications that are specific to a department or employee in an application layer needed by that department or employee. You can even have multiple application layers if you need employee specific applications on top of department specific applications.

Add or remove applications

Of course, all applications can be silently delivered just via an application layer. This enables IT to deploy, update, and patch applications independent of the Windows OS layer. Applications can also be uninstalled from any or all PCs to free up valuable licenses that can be used by other employees or save the organization on licensing costs.

Just like Windows images, applications can be accessed from a network server, cloud storage, DVDs, or USB drives. PCs can be anywhere — on or off the network in a local office, branch office, or home office.

Windows Migration

Reimage and migrate your workforce in one step

Windows 10 and beyond

From Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and every major version thereafter, you’ll manage every Windows version with the same simple process.

Migrate user data

SmartDeploy has out-of-box capability to migrate user data when migrating a computer to a new OS. That’s one less step for you to hassle with during your Windows migration project.

Remote, zero-touch

No more manual deskside upgrades, shipping PCs, or users bring PCs to IT. Quickly upgrade Windows and applications regardless of location or connection.

Migrate faster

We simplify large Windows migration projects by deploying faster, automatically handling drivers, and allowing you to deploy one golden image to every model.

Windows Updates

Update Windows from on-prem network or cloud using wired or wireless

Eliminate user downtime

Eliminate costly user downtime from software and hardware incompatibilities, long system restore times, and PC slowdown associated with Windows 10 Updates by leveraging SmartDeploy single image management. By separating the driver layer and application layer from the OS layer, IT can push a new Windows version instead of time consuming in-place upgrades or patch management processes that commonly result in compatibility issues that result in user downtime.

Eliminate connectivity barriers

Windows images can be accessed from the cloud or a network server cloud storage. PCs can be anywhere — on or off the network in a local office, branch office, or home office. Reimaging can be completed regardless if the PC connected through a wired or wireless connection.

Driver Management

Focus on the software you want to deploy, not the drivers for the hardware you support

We handle driver management for you

Platform Packs are downloadable driver packs created by SmartDeploy technicians for SmartDeploy customers. Each Platform Pack contains the drivers needed for a specific endpoint make, model and OS version. Nothing more, nothing less.

1500+ Platform Packs

Our continually growing library includes over 1500 Platform Packs for business class devices. Our library includes models from more than 15 manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft. Full access to the Platform Pack library is included with your SmartDeploy support contract.

New PC Setup

Quickly deploy drivers, a Windows golden image, and applications to new PCs

Image Deployment Time

Provisioning new PCs is faster and easier using SmartDeploy.

SmartDeploy brings a state of the art approach to disk imaging that is 47% faster than Symantec Ghost and 67% faster that Acronis Snap Deploy.

SmartDeploy accomplishes this by taking advantage of single image management and the use of modern file-based imaging instead of legacy sector-by-sector hard disk copies. By building separate driver, operating system, and application layers, SmartDeploy enables the creation of a single, hardware-independent, Windows golden image, using a virtual machine, that can be deployed to any device.

Applications can be deployed to the new device by using one or more application layers, by preinstalling applications on your golden reference VM prior to capturing the OS image, or a combination of both.

PC Refresh

Deploy Windows golden images and applications to new PCs while keeping users’ files, and settings

Migrate users to new PCs

Refreshing PCs is dramatically simplified using SmartDeploy’s single image management. Simply select the Platform Pack that will be used in the driver layer for the new PC, assign the new PC the latest golden image, and then select the Application Packs that will installed in the application layer. User files, settings, and customizations can be transferred as part of the PC Refresh process. Users can also take advantage of a data layer using corporate instances of Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Wipe PCs clean

Once the user has moved to his or her new PC, SmartDeploy can do a remote wipe of the old PC to remove any sensitive data by reimaging the old PC to a standard image.

PC Break-Fix

Repair computer issues quickly, reduce user downtime and boost productivity

Save your help desk

Desktop support is a critical, and often painful, IT function. The poor reliability of traditional imaging processes can cause IT teams to fight through extensive PC troubleshooting. Rather than do battle with blue screens, device drivers, and updates, simply reimage the OS layer with SmartDeploy and have your user back up and running in minutes.

Save your users

SmartDeploy enables organizations to provide first-call resolution of desktop support issues by making reimaging simple and highly reliable, reducing expensive employee downtime even when the user is remote. With SmartDeploy, productivity is returned to users in as little as 15 minutes after the reload process initiation.

Endpoint Recovery

Reimage PCs to a working state even if the PC is remote and off the network

Devices beyond repair

In the event that a user’s PC, even a remote user’s PC, is not able to be repaired, IT will most likely need to use SmartDeploy to recover the endpoint. In this case, SmartDeploy will deliver the correct drivers, Windows OS layer, and application layer(s) to the PC.

Recover user data

Using application deployment, SmartDeploy can deliver a Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. client to enable users to authenticate with the cloud storage provider to sync files from the cloud to the PC.

Access anywhere

Windows images, application images, and drivers can be accessed from a network server, cloud storage, DVDs, or USB drives.  PCs can be anywhere — on or off the network in a local office, branch office, or home office, and connected through a wired or wireless connection. Once the Endpoint Recovery is completed using SmartDeploy, the user’s PC will have the correct driver layer, OS layer, application layer, and data layer on the PC.

Remote IT Automation

Automate IT management on remote endpoints with custom or pre-built scripts

Restart an endpoint, enable Windows remote management, install a printer, configure WiFi, uninstall applications, edit registry or security settings, run a PowerShell script, or automate management tasks on the endpoint zero-touch with custom or pre-built scripts.

It’s just like sitting in front of the endpoint using the command prompt, but easier and doing so from the comfort of your own chair.

  • Change a user’s local permissions
  • Copy/Move/Delete files or registry settings
  • Enable Windows Remote Management
  • Rename the computer
  • Uninstall an application
  • Execute a PowerShell script
  • Install a printer

Reporting & Asset Management

Track all your assets and understand if you are in compliance with software licensing

Be in the know

Need to know the make and model of all the PCs in your fleet, the version of Windows on each of those PCs, and where each PC is located? What about ensuring your organization has enough licenses for the number of users with a particular application on their PC?

Take action

What if you can make those views actionable by upgrading the operating system on a specific group of PCs or removing an application for a specific grouping of users? SmartDeploy can do all this and more to make sure you not only know the specifics about all your assets, but are also in compliance from a software licensing perspective.


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